Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium


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Decision to build a new stadium for University of Michigan Athletics came in mid-1926 and works on Fielding Yost’s vision began in the following months. Or not exactly on his vision, but what the university’s regents approved of it.

That meant instead of 100,000-150,000 capacity the stadium was to have “only” 72,000 at starting point. However Yost did manage to add some more rows as the regents later approved temporary wooden rows atop the stadium, meaning the stadium reached 84,400 before opening in 1927.

Michigan Stadium is used for the University of Michigan’s main graduation ceremonies; President Lyndon B. Johnson outlined his Great Society program at the 1964 commencement ceremonies in the stadium. It has also hosted hockey games including the 2014 NHL Winter Classic, a regular season NHL game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings with an official attendance of 105,491, a record for a hockey game. Additionally, a 2014 International Champions Cup soccer match between Real Madrid and Manchester United had an attendance of 109,318, a record crowd for a soccer match in the United States. It will also host the upcoming 2020 Sport Aid concert.

Capacity: 107,601
Tenant: Michigan Wolverines (NCAA)


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