Johnson Hagood Stadium

Johnson Hagood Stadium


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The current Johnson Hagood Stadium was designed by the architectural firm of Halsey & Cummings. It opened with seating for 22,343 on October 16, 1948, with a game between The Citadel and Davidson. The formal dedication of the new $600,000 stadium took place at The Citadel-Clemson football game held on December 4, 1948, before a then-record crowd of approximately 16,000. The Citadel suggested buying the stadium from the city in 1962; it wanted it for its sports program, and the city considered it a “white elephant.” It was eventually purchased by The Citadel from the city of Charleston in 1963.

The historic facility gained national attention during summer 1999 when remains of crewmen from the H. L. Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy battleship, were unearthed from underneath the stadium. The location of the stadium had once been a mariners’ graveyard. In 1948, when the stadium was being built, a miscommunication led to the gravestones being moved, but not the bodies. In 1993, the bodies of 13 sailors were discovered under the parking lot. After the discovery of the sunken Hunley in 1995, there was renewed interest in the remains of its first crew, who had died in an unsuccessful 1863 run. Archaeologists were given permission to conduct more thorough searches as part of the renovations of the stadium, and four of the five sailors’ bodies were located under the home stands.

Capacity: 21,000

Tenant: The Citadel Bulldogs (NCAA)


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