Howard J. Lamade Stadium

Howard J. Lamade Stadium


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Field of Distinction honors are awarded annually by KAFMO to facilities that have demonstrated a dedication to providing safe and playable conditions for their users regardless of the level of play. Entrants must supply information on the type of facility, the uses of the facility that impact the playing conditions, the maintenance program, budget and staff. Photos of the field are provided to document the playability and appearance of the playing surface. The KAFMO Board of Directors judges entrants.

Originally called Howard J. Lamade Memorial Field, the field was first built in 1959 for the Little League Baseball World Series. It was later renamed Howard J. Lamade Stadium when the original wood and steel stands were razed and a concrete stadium was constructed in 1968.

Nearly 60 years after it was originally built, today’s iconic field features native soil with sand drainage channels running underneath it and a playing surface turf made with Kentucky bluegrass that is cut at one-inch.

Capacity: 40,000

Tenant: Little League World Series


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