Fitton Field

Fitton Field


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Today’s Crusaders are fortunate to call Fitton Field their home. Storied Fitton is considered to be the finest natural grass facility for viewing and playing a college football game in the Northeast. Always in impeccable playing shape, the field has played host to some of the greatest teams in college football — Louisiana State, Boston College, Georgia, Syracuse and Penn State, to name a few.

The first home football game ever played at Holy Cross was a 6-0 defeat of Massachusetts Agricultural College on Sept. 26, 1903. It was not until 1905, however, that the field was dedicated Fitton Field, and again it was a meeting with the Aggies that christened the new field. This time, the Crusaders won 17-0.

Still, the football field was laid out across what is now the baseball field, and it was not until Sept. 26, 1908, that the first game was held at what is now the field’s current site. The Crusaders defeated Norwich 5-0 on that inaugural day, some 100 years ago.

Capacity: 23,500

Tenant: Holy Cross Crusaders (NCAA)


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