Autzen Stadium

Autzen Stadium


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Academic sports at University of Oregon rarely took place at the university until 1967, because there was no stadium big enough. The need to travel to distant Portland for large events led the university to buy land in 1950s north of the campus, along the Willamette River.

Construction on a large artificial land embankment began in early 1967 and ended within just 9 months. This simple means resulted in very modest budget of just $2.5 million.

Over the years the stadium went through several renovations and expansions, but its capacity saw few changes (increased to 42,000 from 40,000) until 2002, when it grew to 54,000. That expansion saw the stadium’s form change completely. A massive new south stand was erected along the design by Ellerbe Beckett along with brand new corporate infrastructure. Interestingly, Autzen Stadium has seen crowds beyond capacity every time since it reopened in 2002!

Autzen Stadium never received a roof despite Oregon being a rather rainy state. Even the 2002 operation only gave the south side some shade. The roof isn’t needed by fans, apparently, as local tradition is to sing ahead of every game that “It never rains at Autzen Stadium”. Even if there actually is rainfall, it’s dismissed by the announcer and fans.

Capacity: 53,800

Tenant: Oregon Ducks (NCAA)


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