Allianz Field

Allianz Field


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It was 2015 when the location for Twin Cities’ future soccer-specific stadium was selected. The site lies nearly exactly half way between the centres of Minneapolis and St. Paul, beside Interstate 94. While the entire quarter covers 14 hectares, the stadium itself only occupies a portion of available land, some 29,000 m2. Both the interstate and coverage by metro make the site a great stadium location.

In order to enable construction up to 150,000 m3 of partly contaminated soil had to be removed from what used to be a bus depot and mall. This enabled creation of a sunken bowl that sees the playing field 6 meters below concourse level, allowing fans to look at the field while they enter. Parts of the stands (mostly lower north and east) were also based on landfill to optimise cost.

Construction itself was carried out in a very timely manner. From enabling works to delivery only 20 months have passed. The entire project was private, though its initial price tag of $200 million proved optimistic, ending up at around 250 million. Local authorities also pledged substantial investment in infrastructural/network adjustments, while the state followed with tax exmemptions for the investors.

Capacity: 19,400

Tenant: Minnesota United FC (MLS)


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